About us

Café Gamla Stan means the Old Town Café – the name tells you what to expect. Our café attracts every summer both locals as well as visitors from near and far to enjoy our delicious strawberry cake, chocolate cake, and our lemon pie.

If you prefer something salty, we have different alternatives of delicious pies and salads. We also have alternatives for vegans. We serve cakes and pies made of gluten-free flower, but these are made in the same kitchen where ordinary flower and similar substances are handled and used. Please ask the staff for further information about our products if you have allergies.

Please do not visit our café if you still are in quarantine or if you have any symtoms of Covid 19.

Everything is homemade in the café’s kitchen that is located in the big yellow house. This is also our family home.

Our café is a familybussiness where four generations work together side by side with different roles related to the café, everything from planning and baking to service.

Lena och Bosse Andersson (in the picture above) are the owners of the café. They started the Café from scratch in 1995 and it has been open since then. Today Café Gamla Stan is a very well known café and it is especially renown for its troubadour-Tuesdays.

Lena and Bosse are often seen in the garden where they love to catch up with friends and talk to their customers.

Lena bakes everything herself and Bosse also helps out- the strawberry cake is Bosses own braver in the kitchen. The strawberries are from the countryside outside of Ekenäs, Prästkulla.

We might add that two Finnish presidents have visited our café.

When the Café is closed in the autumn, Lena and Bosse collect berries and fruits from their own garden, from their holiday cottage and from the forest around Raseborg. Everything is locally grown.

Lena and Bosse make many different juices and jellies from the fruits and later in the Christmas cottage or during the summer season you can buy their delicious products from the Café.

Our own children and grandchildren work in the café, but our staff includes also locals living in the area and family friends. Everybody working at the café belong to Lena and Bosse’s big summer family. It is important for Lena and Bosse to keep a familiar feeling between everybody working at the café and all customers will always feel very welcomed by our friendly staff.

Please remember to place your café order inside the red cottage. Our staff will then bring your coffee, cakes and pies to the garden on a silver-tray.

To us quality is very important and that is also why we make most of our products ourselves.

One of Lena and Bosse’s daughter is the singer-songwriter artist Frida Andersson and you can also by all her CDs in the café.

Another of their daughters, Emma, creates handicrafts under the name Braskén Design.

Their youngest daughter, Elin, is a vegan chef and thanks to her we have many delicious vegan alternatives in our café. The cream we use in the café is also vegan.

The café has a lovely Golden Retriever Lovi, who loves to welcome our customers at the gate. You are more then welcome to bring your own dog to our café, but please do use a leash. ”Lovis homemade cookies ” can be bought in the café for your dog if you like.

Welcome to our café! We hope that you will enjoy your stay in our garden in the heart of the old town of Ekenäs.

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